What A Week

Made it through my first full work week at the new job. It was good. I have learned so much in this short amount of time. I can’t wait to keep learning and doing better and better work.

The dogs barely made it through the week. Monday was the worst day for them. I decided to let them try being loose in the spare bedroom as we had most of what the could destroy was away. Well, I was wrong. Ari some how managed to poop on the bed and smeared it on the wall. Isis shredded a section of the carpet, so much that I could barely open the door to let them out.

A friend loaned us his larger kennel for Isis so we could put Ari in Isis’ smaller kennel. Ari hates to be locked in there, but he can’t get out. He must wear himself out by whining all day and watching Isis run around. Today, pooped in his kennel but it was near the back and fell out onto the floor. Isis has managed to escape her Kennel every day she was in there. One day, she ate our hamburger buns. Today she ripped up a letter from a friend and my subway wrapper.

Tomorrow Isis is scheduled to get her rabies shot and hopefully we’ll take them to the park for Husky Meetup Day. They are all so cute, but we need to figure out how to keep our Isis from tearing up our stuff and Ari from pooing and peeing everywhere.

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